"Hurricane" Liz Herrera & Mike Long Proudly Presents: OMG's Amazing ASM 8 Bonus
In April when OMG promoted ASM 7,
we put together an all-time blockbuster
bonus. The result was incredible. Both 
with our bonus, and also  with ASM 7! 

How did our #RideTheWave Bonus go?
OMG's ASM 8 #RideTheWave Bonus:
Find out why people were on their feet cheering at the #RideTheWave OMG ASM #RideTheWave Bonus Event!
Our exclusive OMG ASM 7 bonus was so powerful that everybody I know of who got it said it was worth at least as much as they paid to get ASM 7 in the first place! That is in part because of how powerful our bonus was in the first place. But then it turned into even more!